Review: students sample 24 Below launch

Jennifer Hale

Picture: Jukebox Mondays

Picture: Jukebox Mondays

Bridge of Allan’s eagerly anticipated new nightclub opened its doors on Monday night (11th November) with the launch of Jukebox Mondays. A new student night run by students, for students, it promised two rooms of music, drinks from £1 and free pizza – enough to rival student favourites Dusk Skint Tuesdays and Fubar Tiki Thursdays.

Brig caught up with those lucky enough to have experienced the new club to see if it lived up to the hype.

24 Below is a “boutique basement club” at the rear of the Adamo Hotel. Queued out the door, it seemed like every student was out to sample the latest addition to local nightlife.

The first thing on everyone’s minds at Brig was the promise of free pizza. Did 24 Below deliver? Unfortunately not. From the students Brig spoke to, none had seen the pizza they were promised. Pano Makrodimitras, a first year student, described it as “disappointing” that 24 Below didn’t live up to their claims in his view.

Drink prices were expensive – although labelled as “from £1” Pano remarked that “no one seemed to know what the £1 drinks were so never actually got a drink for this price.”

Student blogger Benjamin Anderson revealed that he paid £5.10 for one Midouri and Irn Bru, and £9.40 for two double vodka and cokes, stretching the student budget. Towards the end of the night, other partygoers remarked that the club were running out of mixer, and decided to water down the drinks – leaving a bad taste and unsatisfied customers. Jerome Rovira, a second year Environmental Science student, couldn’t get served, saying that “there were too many people and only two members of staff per bar, which was very little”.

The one redeeming feature of 24 Below appears to be the interior, living up to the promise of a boutique club. Benjamin described it as “smart”, with clubbers impressed by the water features and an outdoor courtyard meaning it was easy to leave for some fresh air.

With great music and an entry price of only £3, Jukebox Mondays provide a much needed, alternative night out in Stirling. Judging from the opening night, there’s potential for a good night out – but those we spoke to can’t see them rivalling student nights at Dusk or Fubar quite yet.

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